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Whatever success story you envision for yourself, it can begin by offering LegalShield. What's LegalShield? Affordable, on-call legal protection for everyone. For less than a dollar a day, LegalShield members can pick up the phone or “tap the app” and contact their dedicated law firm for help with any legal issue from the trivial to the trumatic. And that's a powerful service to offer.

Achieve your goals with LegalShield and make your mark. LegalShield offers a unique product with a proven track record of success, comprehensive startup assistance, a fun and vibrant community and a great compensation package – all so you can grow your business.

Unlike some products, you don't have to invest an arm and a leg to begin offering LegalShield. In fact, you can get started with LegalShield for just $99. And while learning a new product can be confusing, LegalShield makes it easy. You can literally 'earn while you learn'.

There are more ways to make money:

  1. Personal Sales.

  2. Override Income

  3. Residuals, both personal and override

  4. Incentives and Promotions

There is no inventory to keep, no quotas, no 'trunk full of product' to sell.

Experience the feeling LegalShield Independent Associates get from empowering their friends, families and community while making real money while also making a real difference in people's lives.  

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