How much credit can a 5-year-old get?


5-year-old falls victim to identity theft

From CBS in Hawaii:

HOUMA – Identity theft can affect anyone, even a 5-year-old boy.

I am completely shocked,” Heather Karpinsky said.

Karpinsky knew something was off when her 5-year-old son Gavin started to get letters in the mail.

I didn't think much of it until I got a letter that said, 'collection notice' also to Gavin. I opened it up and it was a bill for a little over $180," she said. "The following day I got another letter in the mail that said his identity had been stolen by a computer hacker."

Gavin received about a dozen bills, each at least $100 and all for items you order off the TV.

Heather says there was a data breach at a doctor's office and Gavin and his twin brother Grant's information was compromise. Thankfully, Grant did not have any activity on his credit report.

As a mom, Heather warns other parents to pay attention if your child gets mail.

Gavin also had a message to the person who stole his identity:

"If they say sorry, I'm going to invite them to my birthday if they say sorry,” he said.

Heather filed a police report and says she was able to get everything worked out pretty easily.

Both boys now have their credit reports frozen until they turn 18-years-old.


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